trash booms

Debris Booms / Trash Booms

Debris Booms and Trash Booms design for floating barriers that are used to block or exclude debris and trash floating on the water bodies. These booms are easy to deploy and generally used for demarcation of trash which helps in further processing of excavation of trash.

Trash Boom consists of :

Trash Collection Skirt : The portion of the trash boom immersed in water responsible to restrict the movement of the floating trash in the water.

Ballast Chain : The portion of the trash boom responsible for bringing structural stability for the skirt by maintaining the skirt in the vertical position.

Buoyancy Chamber : The portion of the trash boom, which is inflated using air or any lighter than water medium which helps the whole system afloat.

Surface Water Pollution in Lake :

Water Surface Pollution arises due to dumping of garbage by locals, tourists and street vendors visiting lakes and also through water hyacinth due to non-maintenance as has been seen in Rabindra Sarobar Lake and Botanical Garden, Howrah.

The organic trash start decomposing after some duration which in starts effecting the water quality and also responsible for the formationof algie.

The weed formation in the water surface and water surface trash together creates obstruction to the supply of oxygen which effects the aquatic life as well as quality of the wate.

Aquatic Plant Booms:

Aquatic Plant Booms are one of a kind booms that are used in various lakes and rivers to prevent the multiplication sargussum and seaweed on water. This unique design allows the flow of water, however its net skirt that is used as a draft, blocks the weed invasion.

Traditional Cleaning Method :

  • Traditional method of cleaning using net, float balls and bamboo sticks aren’t efficient but are very economical.
  • Due to presence of high amount of weeds or any trash, the net gets torn off and cannot be extended to larger area.
  • Small particles which are the source of the growth of the weeds cannot be collected thus cleaning effort is rendered.
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