The Universal Absorbents form Enviroguard Solutions have a smart design and are ideal for cleaning all types of spills. Especially in the case of oil or water based liquid spills.

Our universal absorbents can be very effective. They have a quick soaking capacity. They can absorb large liquid quantities in short spans and absorbing water based fluids.

The Universal absorbents can be used for all types of industrial applications where there are high chances of spilling and the type of spill maybe a mix of oil and water. These Absorbents are available in the formats of Pads, Rolls, Pillows and Socks.

Applications :

  • Food processing.
  • Maintenance apillication.
  • Steel Production.
  • Railways.
  • Industries.

Universal Pads

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Universal Rolls

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Universal Pillows

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Universal Socks

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