Pollboom range of Oil Containment Booms is Floating Barriers used to contain an oil spill on calm waters. Oil Booms are reducing the possibility of pollution on shorelines, rivers, other resources and protect the environment. Booms are an important part of the Oil Spill Response process.

Spill can contaminate the marine or terrestrial surroundings severely leading to a lot of environmental damage. Oil spill containment boom help users to minimize the spreading of the spilled oil. It helps in the containment of oil even in areas like oceans, thus leading to minimal damage to the surrounding environment.

Different Types of Containment Boom

There are different types of Containment Booms including Foam Filled Containment Boom, inflatable booms, silt curtains, deris boom, beach sealing booms, river boom, permanently deployed booms and rapid deployment emergency response booms. If you need more information about containment boom please give us a call at (+91) 9833845693.

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