Spill Containment Pallets

A wide range of spill pallets are secondary containment pallets, work floors, drum pallets, wheeled bins and other products contain spills or prevent them from reaching the environment and causing damage.

They create a secure and durable platform that can efficiently handle various ‘prone to spilling’ fluids like oils, chemicals, etc. These pallets ideally hold the drums containing the risky fluids.

In any case of spillages, they don’t allow the fluid to get in touch with other things by containing it them selves.

2 drum spill containment pallets
  • Item Code : PS2DSP
  • Description : 2 Drum Spill Containment Pallet.
  • Sump Capacity : 250 Litres
4 drum spill pallets
  • Item Code : PS4DSP
  • Description : 4 - Drum Spill
  • Sump Capacity : 250 Litres
4 drum stackable spill pallets
  • Item Code : PS4DSSP
  • Description : 4 Drum Stackable Spill Pallets.
  • Sump Capacity : 249 Litres
2 Drum spill pallet
  • Item Code : PS2WF
  • Description : 2 Drum spill
4 inline spill pallet
  • Item Code : PS4DF
  • Description : 4 Drum Cabinet Spill Pallet.

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