Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Safety

If your workstation is prone to any kind of hazardous spillages, it is very necessary for you to protect your employees from potential hazards. In order to assist you with that, we also have a range of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) that would protect your workers from hazardous health.

Based on the type and capacity of spills you are catering to, personal protection equipment (PPE) contain is included in the spill kits.

The PPE Safety include items such as safety glasses, safety boots, skin protection, safety helmet, hand, eye, body and foot protection, barricading tape etc.

Different types of PPE:

  • Barricading Tape.
  • Safety Glasses.
  • Safety Boots.
  • Safety Helmet.
  • Skin Protection.
  • Hand, Eye, Body and Foot Protection.

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