Spill Containment Berms

Is your workplace ready to deal with Spills? Do you have the right items to deal with them?.

What is a Spill Containment Berms?

Spill Berms is quick and easy, flexible containment systems that are manufactured in India to keep your workplaces safe and clean. The various sizes and materials and designed to contain the spill. These are portable systems that require very little size when not used and very easy to store.These are manufactured with the highest quality of materials to oil, fuels, chemicals resistant and utility trays, Foam Wall Berms, Drip Pads, Economy Bracket. These are generally used for :


Foam Wall Spill Berms also popularly known as duck ponds are manufactured to handle small drips, leaks and spills. They are very easy to store and small in size. Compared to their size, they have a fairly large capacity of containing up to 250 Litres.

oil spill berms


We manufacture a complete line of utility trays to cover all the applications. All models can be easily cleaned and will last for years. These trays are flexible in nature hence can be rolled u when not in use. It is made of PVC and compatible with most fluids.



Also called as Drip Pads, the Drive Over Foam Spill Pad is the quickest and cheapest way to control spillage. These pads can be placed under machines, drums and other equipment. The best part about these pads are that they can be driven over and used for other relevant automotive applications as well.

spill pads and drip pads


Our Economy Bracket Berms have the most advanced and versatile design in our berm wide range of aluminum. The Aluminium brackets can be utilized in different ways based on your requirements. These types of berms are used for continuous use in places where there is frequent automotive traffic. Drums, IBC’s and other storage devices can be kept in the berm for a long time without any worry


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