Inflatable Storage Tank

Inflatable Storage Tanks

In order to complement its range of Oil Containment Booms, we also manufacture a wide range of Flexion Inflatable Storage Tanks for oil spill response and spill recovery. The storage tank is an important part of the oil spill response process.

Our Inflatable Storage tank is designed to use for storing of potable water, recovered oils, fluids and other liquids. We offer a range of tank, with storage capacities from 5-50 m3.

The storage tanks are manufactured from oil and fuel resistant PVC- Coated Polyester. Depending on the operational requirements, the oil bladder can be towed alongside or behind a ship. The tanks can be deployed manually and be ready to use in less than five minutes. The tanks can be laid on land or floating in the water. The Highest quality PVC Coated polyester works in areas of high exposure to the Sun and has puncture resistance.


  • Oil spill recovery.
  • Pipeline and offshore rig service.
  • Bulk fluid transfer.
  • Water storage tank and transport.
  • Temporary liquid storage.

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