towable bladders

Towable Bladders Tanks

Towable Bladders Tanks are secondary fluid storage tanks that can be used to store oil spill response,chemical storage and other liquids. Designed to have great towing characteristics these bladders are durable and heavily rugged.

Bladder tanks are manufactured of high-quality PVC and PU for resistance and durability. Bladders generally store alongside a ship or vessel.

Towable Bladder is come with Accessories likes: ASTM Connectors, Decanting valve, ground mat etc and PVC-PU fabric.


  • Durable and quick response units.
  • Secondary storage.
  • Fast and efficient system used in rapid deployment.
  • All accessories are marine grade.
  • Oil and Chemical Spill Recovery.
  • Transport of waste water.
  • Used in all bodies of water, from oceans and seas to lakes and rivers.
  • Ideal for oil spill response vessels with limited storage capacity.

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