Oil Absorbent Granules & Powder

An alternative to spill absorbents made from fibres. We offer two different types of Granules all offering excellent results. Granular Absorbents are multi-purpose Sorbents that are ideal for Oil Spill Clean Up.

Absorbent Granules range is ideal for all types indoor and outdoor fluid spills. Based on the spill type, we provide different absorbent granules. This includes clay-based granules for spill in industrial areas, acid neutralizing granules which target the pH of the liquid, and many more.

The all of our Absorbent Powder is made from natural substances and ensure optimum spill cleaning. Spill Absorbent powder used to absorb oils, fuels and liquids. Absorbent Powder range includes Magic Monkey Absorbent, Oil-Dri and Instazorb Absorbent, etc. If you need more information, please give us a call at (+91) 9833845693.

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Absorbent Powder

oil spill absorbent powder
  • Item Code: PSMM25
  • Description: Monkey Magic Powder 11.3kg (25lbs), 30L Bag.
  • Absorbency: 11.3 Litres

Spill Absorbent Granules

Oil Absorbent Powder
  • Item Code: PSMM10
  • Description: Monkey Magic Powder 4.5kg (10lbs) Bag, 12L.
  • Absorbency: 4.5 Litres

Oil-Dri Powder

Oil-Dri Absorbent
  • Item Code: PSOILDRI
  • Description: Oil-Dri Recycled Absorbent 20L, 11kg Bag.
  • Absorbency: 11 Litres

Instazorb Absorbent

Instazorb Absorebnt Powder
  • Item Code: PSINSTAZORB3
  • Description: Instazorb Granular Absorebnt, 3L Bag.
  • Absorbency: 3 litres
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