Granular Absorbents

An alternative to absorbents made from fibres. We offer two different types of Granular all offering excellent results. Our Granular Absorbent are multi-purpose sorbents that are ideal for spill clean up.

Monkey Magic Bag

 25lbs kg monky magic bag
  • Item Code : PSMM25
  • Description : Monkey Magic 11.3kg (25lbs in kg) Bag or 30L.
  • Absorbency : 11.3 Litres

Monkey Magic Bag

Granular Absorbents for 10lbs kg monky magic
  • Item Code : PSMM10
  • Description : Monkey Magic 4.5kg (10lbs kg) Bag 12L.
  • Absorbency : 4.5 Litres

Oil-Dri recycled Bag

oil dri recycled bag
  • Item Code : PSOILDRI
  • Description : Oil-Dri recycled Bag
  • Absorbency : 11 Litres

Instazorb Bag

instazorb bag
  • Item Code : PSINSTAZORB3
  • Description : Instazorb 3 litre Bag.
  • Absorbency : 3 litres

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