About Enviroguard Solutions

Enviroguard Solutions LLP is a company registered in India. Enviroguard under its global Brand Name of Pollex, has a vision “To make essential environmental protection products affordable and available for everyone to help save our planet."

Incorporated in 2016 with an aim to manufacture Spill Control and spill response items, Enviroguard has already expanded to provide pollution control solutions in the field of Lake Cleaning, Spill Control Solutions, Salvaging and Disaster Management.

Even though we know it is just the start for us, we have grown largely in the field of offering products and solutions and continue to grow more.

Headed by a team of experts in the field of Pollution Control regionally and internationally, we are constantly working on analyzing what our customers really need. Once we are known of the requirement, we then design and strategy the product and/ or solution with our engineers.

Incorporated as focussed manufacturers, from Day 1, we have an R & D team, that is continuously working on developing more and more products to cater to requirements of India and nearby countries in the field of Pollution Control. Our high end products have also been very successfully implemented in Europe as well.

As a part of the Make in India Campaign, we are proud to have established this company in a developing country like India that gives a company like ours so many opportunities to grow. We hope to serve each one of you in the future and strive to give you the best of the solutions to keep our Environment clean.


At Enviroguard, its all about environment. We design, innovate, manufacture products only to protect the environment. We believe that the products we manufacture and will develop in future will be essential to protect the environment and reduce any form of pollution.

We have a vision and have started our mission.


At Enviroguard, we design, innovate, manufacture and supplier products that are used to protect the environment and reduce pollution. We are working towards supplying our products across the globe with partners and increase the scope of distribution in this business segment.


Our aim is to be a global leader manufacturing essential environmental protection products which are affordable and available for everyone to help save our planet. We aim to create a large network of partners who can support us in this journey of protecting the environment.


Enviroguard is India's first integrated environmental protection equipment manufacturer. We see this a great opportunities to serve the business segment. We however want to create stronger partnerships and generate employment and business for people as well. We want to be able to grow our company in a sustainable, creative, environment loving work space and hence chose to be a 100% Business to Business Company, which is again a first in our business segment.

All our products are manufactured as per International standards and tested by third parties. We can manufacture as per our partners' designs by understanding their needs and relevance of application.

Having our team spread across the world, we all believe in certain values as below:


Enviroguard was established in 2016, as an offshoot of a leading fire & safety manufacturing company in India with a vast marine and oil and gas heritage. Founded as a family business and continuing to be so, we have kept our values intact with deep respect of our marine and oil and gas heritage. We aim to be an international company, but in our hearts, we would always be a family owned company.

A Modest Start:

Today, with a highly skilled team spread across the globe, Enviroguard aims to create partnerships and supply their products with the best of quality and prices. In about a year, we have already supplied to various companies in the field of marine through our partners.

Going Global:

With a team across the globe and partners, Enviroguard aims to have a global approach to every product or solution they sell. Indian at heart, we aim to make our partnerships stronger throughout the world and make it a big sustainable network.

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