Trash Boom

Floating Trash & Debris Booms

Floating Trash and Debris Booms are temporary floating barriers used to containment of floating trash and debris in water bodies. We manufacture of trash booms is easy to deploy and generally used for demarcation of trash, which helps in further processing of excavation of trash.

Water Pollution in Lake

Water Surface Pollution arises due to dumping of garbage by locals, tourists and street vendors visiting lakes and also through water hyacinth due to non-maintenance as has been seen in Rabindra Sarobar Lake and Botanical Garden, Howrah.

The organic trash start decomposing after some duration which in starts effecting the water quality and also responsible for the formation of algie. The weed formation in the water surface and water surface trash together creates obstruction to the supply of oxygen which effects the aquatic life as well as quality of the water.

Aquatic Plant Boom

Aquatic Plant Boom are one of a kind booms that are used in various lakes, ponds and rivers to prevent the multiplication sargussum and seaweed on water. This unique design allows the flow of water, however its net skirt that is used as a draft, blocks the weed invasion. If you need more information, please give us a call at (+91) 98338 45693.

Advantage of Floating Debris Boom

  • 99 of the floating waste can be retrieved.
  • Can be used as floating barrier to isolate clean and unclean locations.
  • As floating debris, growth of the weeds can be restricted to spread from one region to another.
  • Speed of cleaning the water body is increased more than 500.
  • Boom can be inter connected as per the requirement of the lake.
  • Minimal Labour involved.
  • Reusable item hence cost effective.

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