Absorbents & Spill Clean Up

Absorbents are typically used to clean up spills quickly. Absorbent materials can help to keep your workplace safe from unexpected spills.

At Enviroguard Solutions, you can find a variety of Sorbents to suit your individual needs. Manufactured with the best of technology. Absorbents make the process of spill clean up extremely quick, easy and convenient. Spill Absorbent is that they can protect your workers, property and the environment from any damage. Regardless of the format of the absorbent you may choose.

Types of Absorbent

Oil Absorbents

Oil Absorbents

These are designed to repel all kinds of water-based liquids are a specialty for oil cleanup only. They only absorb oil-based fluids and are thus very effective in case of Offshore and Refinery use.


Chemical Absorbent products range suitable for cleaning all types of aggressive fluids which can cause severe damage to people and the environment. Regardless of the chemical type, acidic, basic or unknown etc.

chemical absorbents
universal absorbents


These have a smart design and are ideal for cleaning all types of spills and used for all industrial spill control. Especially in the case of oil or water-based liquid spills. They have a quick soaking capacity. They can only absorb large liquid quantities in short spans.

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