Spill kits

Our vast range of Spill Kits are designed for quick response, control and clean up all types of spills. Spills of hazardous substances such as oils, fuels, liquids, petroleum, water and chemicals.

What is a Spill Kit?

A spill kit is a collection of equipment. Typical contents include Sorbents pads, pillows, socks and PPE Items. Spills always comes unannounced. In such situations, having a handy spill kit becomes inevitable to ensure minimal life and property damage.

Based on the types of spillages that your work area is prone to, we can provide you with the ideal spill control kits. They are designed carefully to ensure utmost efficiency in any potentially hazardous situation.

Types of spill Kits

Various types of spill kits are available based on the spills. These are:

portable spill kits

Portable Spill Kits

These kits come in re-sealable durable poly bags. For smaller oil-based or chemical-based spills, these are the ideal choice.

drum spill kits
Drum Spill Kits

Instead of poly bags, these portable spill come in a drum-shaped container. They come with lever-lock or screw-top lids which provides extra protection to the absorbents. You can find oil absorbents as well as hazmat absorbents.

Overpack Spill Kit

Overpack Spill Kits

Overpack Spill Kit are another of our specialized kits that are designed to cater to specific work requirements. In case you need a sizable quantity of absorbents but are not comfortable with the dash bin, you can go for these kit. Instead of bins, these come in an overpack structure.

trolley bin spill kit
Trolley / Dash Bin Spill Kits

If the potential spillages at your workstation need a good quantity of absorbents, these are the ideal choice for you. You can find chemical dash bins, oil dash bin, and many others at Enviroguard Solutions.

marine spill kit
Marine Spill Kits

These are designed especially for controlling hazardous spillages in marine or fresh-water areas. Along with the required chemical and oil absorbents.

Specialty Spill Control Products
Speciality Spill Kits

If none of the available spill kits suits your requirements completely, we can also design a customized kit for you. These are made by our experts specializing in the area. After thoroughly examining your work unit and understanding your custom requirements.

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