Floating Turbidity curtain

Floating Silt & Turbidity Curtains

Silt Curtains, turbidity curtains and silt barriers are also called as floating barriers or turbidity barriers are used to minimize sediment transportation from a disturbed area in and around a water body.

Soil loss into a water course result in long term suspension of sediment. In time, the suspended sediment may travel large distances and affect wide spread areas. As environmental mitigation associated with dredging and marine construction activities becomes ever more a focus of attention, the use of silt curtains to contain fine material locally to the dredging operation has to be meditated.

This fine-grained material may reduce water quality and impact upon sensitive receivers in the vicinity of the work site area. Sensitive receivers in this context may be ecology that is sensitive to light attenuation or sediment deposition, for example mangroves, corals, sea grass and cockles. Get quote for the best price. For more information about silt curtain installation procedures, please call us on (+91) 98338 45693.

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