Acid Corrosive Cabinets

Laboratories and research spaces store various forms of acids and chemicals on a regular basis. In order to increase safety in such spaces, these liquids are stored in acid corrosive cabinets. Our Acid Cabinet are designed to meet NFPA and OSHA Standards.

The Acid Corrosive Safety Cabinet is designed for use in storing small containers of acids and other types of corrosive liquids. Acid Storage Cabinets are made with corrosion-resistant materials. This ensures that the stored fluids don’t damage the cabinets in any way.

You can get smaller cabinets for storing lesser amounts of corrosive fluids in a reachable area. Or you can also go for larger cabinets to store larger amounts.

acid cabinet
Acid Corrosive Cabinet

Features of Acid Cabinet

  • Cabinets come in storage capacity of 4 Gal to 110 Gal.
  • All our cabinets are CE Certified.
  • Multiple sizes to choose form.
  • Custom sizes available.
  • Colors - Blue.
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