Storm Water Drain Covers

In case of hazardous spillages (including oil, fuel, chemical, storm water, etc.) around drainages systems. Pollsorb Drain Protection Tools can come as a very useful equipment. Drain Covers keep spills and leaks from entering drainage system. These covers act as a barrier between the spilled fluids and the drainage system, thus preventing the contamination of the latter.

They have a very simple but effective working mechanism which ensure that no fluid enters the drainage system. They can be used very simply and have a quick mechanism of action. This makes them one of the most widely used drain protection tools. The based on the type of the spillages, different types of tools can be used. Drain Protection includes Drain Covers, Drain Guard and Plugging Compound at affordable prices.

Drain Covers & Blockers

One of the simplest and the most efficient drain spill covers or blockers are made from polyurethane materials. Drain Covers or Drain blockers provide long-term spill protection for storm drains in case of leaks and spills. They can work against oils, fuels, chemicals and storm water.

Drain Covers are designed to contain and control the spread of spills, protect the environment, and prevent pollution from water sources or drainage systems. Based on their design type. By simply covering the drainage system with these covers and various contaminants can be prevented from entering drainage system.

Drain Covers

plugging compound

Plugging Compound

A In case of leaks or spills from certain holes or ruptured parts, our plugging compounds can be used. These highly flexible and adhesive compounds stick to the ruptured parts firmly and ensure that none of the hazardous contents are spilled. They bear optimum resistance against water, oil and a range of chemical substances.

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