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The Pollboom range of Fence Booms are solid, lightweight Containment Booms that are ideally used in the case of emergency response to contain oil spills in calm waters such as rivers and harbours. Oil Fence Boom are manufacturer of PVC / PU fabric in high visibility grey, orange / yellow colour. The internal floats are made of foam and hence is a great choice for long-term usage.

Ballast is provided by an enclosed galvanized chain to prevent corrosion. Each boom section is provided with an ASTM Z connector to allow connection to the next section of the boom. The slim form of the boom allows easy storage on Pallets or reels.

Foam Filled Fence Boom manufactured in a variety of dimensions, covering a range of multiple applications. The section lengths of the boom can also be customized and suited to the customer’s needs, hence making boom a cost-effective solution. If you need more information about fence boom, please give us a call at (+91) 98338 45693.

  • For emergency deployment in calm waters.
  • High visibility color for easy spotting.
  • Easy to use and compact to store.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Materials: PVC / PU Fabric.
  • Connectors: ASTM Z design as per ASTM F962.
  • Boom design comply with ASTM F1523.
  • Floats: closed shell polyethylene foam.
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