Drip Trays And Spill Trays

Spill Trays and Drip Trays are secondary containment trays are used for drums. Spill and Drip Tray serve as a slip-proof platform on which various containers can be easily stored. Since their design allows stacking, you can also use the tray for transportation.

Spill containment Tray also a miniature version of a pallet, are used in versions chemical, pharmaceutical industries for containment spills caused from acid, bases and other chemicals.

A wide range of spill pallets, work floors, wheeled bins and other products contain spills or prevent them from reaching the environment and causing damage.

20L secondary spill containment trays
  • Item Code : PS20ST
  • Description : 20L Spill Containment Tray.
  • Sump Capacity : 20 Litres
30L drip trays and spill trays
  • Item Code : PS30ST
  • Description : 30L Drip Tray and Spill tray.
  • Sump Capacity : 30 Litres
 60L plastic spill tray
  • Item Code : PS60ST
  • Description : 60L Drip and spill tray.
  • Sump Capacity : 600 Litres
100L drip and spill tray
  • Item Code : PS100ST
  • Description : 100L Drip and Spill Tray.
  • Sump Capacity : 100 Litres

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