Portable Water Tank

Collapsible Water Tanks

The Flexion range of Collapsible Tanks are specifically designed to store portable (drinking) water, grey water, fuel or chemicals and more in any location. These tanks consist of foldable aluminium or PVC structure with a liner that is very useful in Oil Spill Response, disaster management, environmental operations. Collapsible water tank is flexible, foldable and very easy to install on site.

The aluminium frames are fabricated from marine grade aluminium which is suitable for harsh environments.

Collapsible storage tanks can be made from 1 m3 to 50 m3 of storage capacity, having the same design across all variants. All tanks are folded for easy storage and transportation. These tanks are available for storage in crates or bags. If you need more information, please call at (+91) 98338 45693.

Features and Applications

  • Easy to dismantle and mantle.
  • No tools required.
  • Storage capacities are small to large available.
  • Variants available to store portable water to hydrocarbons to chemicals.
  • Cover and ground mat available.
  • Flexible water storage tank.
  • Potable (drinking) water tank.
  • Aquaculture farming.
  • Fire Fighting.

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