For specific oil spills, the affordable range of Oil Absorbents are designed for absorb hydraulic oil, cooking oil, vegetable oil, transformer oil and other oil-based fluids. Absorbent pads and rolls can be useful for a variety of applications including industrial and environmental spills.

The specialty of oil absorbent materials that are designed to repel all kinds of water-based liquids. Oil Sorbents are quickly absorb oil spills only and very effective in case of Marine, Offshore and Refinery use. The range of oil selective absorbents to repels water. Due to their hydrophobic nature, they are ideal for removing oil from water and will float on water soaking up the oil from its surface.

We have manufacturers of best oil absorbent products are available in the variety of Absorbent Pads or Mats, Rolls, Pillows, Socks, Absorbent Boom and Sweeps. If you need more information about Oil Absorbent, please give us a call at (+91) 98338 45693.

Oil Spill Absorbent Application

  • Coast guards.
  • Various navy organisations.
  • Environmental companies.
  • Oil and gas industries.
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