Chemical Absorbents

Chemical Absorbents are also known as HazMat Absorbents in our product range are suitable for cleaning all types of aggressive fluids which can cause severe damage to people and the environment. Regardless of the chemical type, acids basic or unknown, these absorbent works effectively.

The product design is made especially from 100% polypropylene to ensure optimal working. Chemical Absorbents is used to handle and clean up spills of acids, bases, paints, sodium hydroxide, unknown liquids, corrosive and chemicals or hazardous spills, preventing them from spreading and causing more contamination.

Hazmat Absorbents are available in the forms of absorbent Pads, Mats, Rolls, Pillows and Socks. They are typically color-coding is used for easy identification and handling. If you need more information about chemical spill absorbent, please give us a call at (+91) 98338 45693.

Application of Chemical Absorbent
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