Safety Cabinets For Flammable

When storing various fluids that can be potentially harmful to humans or the environment, you need safe storage cabinets for them. These cabinets ensure that the fluids won’t spill out and cause any harm. For such purposes, we have designed a range of Pollsorb Safety Cabinets are made for storing specific types of fluids. Their design is optimized according to the fluid they are meant for.

Our Safety Cabinets range includes Flammable Cabinets, Acid Storage Cabinets, Data Filling Cabinets, Pesticide Storage Cabinets and many others. With sturdy designs and durable bodies, these cabinets are a secure way of storing various liquids.


For storing various flammable substances in your workstation, you can use our high-quality flammable cabinets. They are made with fire-proof material to ensure that no severe hazards damage the employees, resources and the environment in your workstation. They are available in a range of sizes, designs and types. You can find something that is appropriate according to your requirements.


Flammable Safety Cabinets


At Enviroguard Solutions, we also have a range of cabinets for storing acids and other types of corrosive substances. They are made with corrosion-resistant materials. This ensures that the stored fluids don’t damage the cabinets in any way. You can get smaller cabinets for storing lesser amounts of corrosive fluids in a reachable area. Or you can also go for larger cabinets to store larger amounts.



We also provide a range of combustible cabinets which are ideal for storing various class 3 combustibles. If you need to store fluids like paints or some other combustibles, you can store them securely in these cabinets. We provide these cabinets in a range of sizes as well to help you provide something according to your requirements.

combustible cabinets


You can also find a range of toxic safety cabinets at Enviroguard Solutions. These cabinets are made using a high-quality durable material which is not harmed even in the case of spilling of toxic fluids. The design is also made to be alerting, such that it makes people aware of the presence of something toxic inside.


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