Oil Spill Response and Containment Booms

A wide range of spill response services available globally. The Oil Spill Response is transporting oil from one place to another or carrying it in the workstation itself, can sometimes lead to severe spells. Such spills not only mean huge losses for the companies but also severely damage the surrounding environment.

The Oil Spill Booms can contaminate the marine or terrestrial surroundings severely leading to a lot of environmental damage. For such situations, we manufacture Oil Spill Containment Booms under the brand of PollBoom these devices help users to minimize the spreading of the spilled oil.

It helps in the containment of oil even in areas like oceans, thus leading to minimal damage to the surrounding environment.

Fence Booms

fence booms View Fence Boom

Permanent Booms

Permanent Booms for Oil Spill Response View Permanent Booms

Inflatable Booms

inflatable boom View Inflatable Boom

Shore Sealing Booms

shore sealing boom View Shore Sealing Boom

Solid Floatation Booms

cylindrical boom View Cylindrical Boom

Trash Booms

trash boom View Trash Boom

Silt Curtains

Silt Curtain For Offshore Works View Silt Curtain

Storage Tanks

storage tanks View Storage Tank

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