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The PollBoom range of Permanent Oil Containment Booms also known as permanent spill control booms, are the most durable booms, heavy-duty booms, with superior UV resistance, tear resistance and tensile strength.

Permanent Boom is a heavy-duty boom that is engineered for the permanent installations or long term in nature. Permanent Oil Booms are used in water conditions that range from calm to slightly choppy waters with little or no maintenance.

Permanent Fence Booms are manufactured with PVC / PU Coated fabric and foam filled shells that make the boom function even in rough conditions. Get quote for the minimum price. If you need more information, please call us on (+91) 9833845693.

Features of Permanent Boom

  • PVC coated belting fabric.
  • High density polyethylene foam shells.
  • Require little or no maintenance.
  • Connectors: Stainless steel U-bolt / Aluminium ASTM Z-type.
  • The designs comply with ASTM F1523.
  • Fabric: PVC / PU available.
  • Foam Filled chambers with HDPE floats.
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