shore sealing booms


The Shore Sealing Booms are manufactured with a robust design to cater to the sealing of shores from Oil Spills which can be used in all situations. The PollBoom range of Shore Sealing booms are manufactured in PVC / PU Fabric in high visibility Orange color. These consist of two level of chambers, the upper being air filled and the lower ones being water filled. Each air chamber is equipped with 1 no of Monsun valve and the water filled chambers with 2 nos of valves.

Beach sealing booms are provided with ASTM Connectors as a standard connection to the offshore boom that is used by the relevant authority. The sealing booms come in two different heights, 40cm and 56cm.

Features :

  • High visibility orange color
  • Easily connectable to existing boom
  • Designed for Land water interface
  • Material: PVC / PU Fabric
  • Connectors: ASTM Z design as per ASTM F962

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