Spill Containment Products

At Enviroguard we have designed a range of Pollsorb Spill Containment are safe storage of liquids and outdoor storage. Spill Containment is where spills of chemicals, oils etc. Are contained within a barrier or Drainage system rather than being absorbed at the surface.

Spill Containment products are Drum Storage, Spill Containment Pallets, Containment Trays, Drum Storage, Drum Racks. Our containment products meet oil storage regulations as well as promoting good housekeeping and improved safety in the workplace.

Enviroguard Solutions offers a variety of containment products in its range to keep your workplace spill proof.

Containment Berms

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Safety Cabinets

safety cabinets View Safety Cabinets

Drain Protection

drain protection View Drain Protection

Secondary Containment

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