Oil Absorbent Booms

Oil Absorbent Booms are specially designed for the control and clean up of oil spills on water. Absorbent Booms absorbs and retains oil based liquids. These Booms have a high absorption capacity that quickly absorbs the oil off the surface.

Each boom is 3 meters long and feature rust proof snap hooks that makes it easy to tie multiple booms together.

The Oil Only Boom is the most economical choice for small spills on water and outer netting with a strong polypropylene core. The clip hooks with every boom to connect to other booms and easy to deploy.

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Absorbent Booms

Oil only absorbent Booms 13cm x 3m
  • Item Code : PSB13300O
  • Description : Oil Only Booms 13cm x 3m (5" x 10') 4/bale.
  • Absorbency : 144 Litres.
Absorbent Booms
Oil absorbent Boom
  • Item Code : PSB20300O
  • Description : Oil absorbent Booms 20 cm x 3 m 4/ bale.
  • Absorbency : 252 Litres.

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