Oil Absorbent Pillows

PollSorb Oil Absorbent Pillows are an excellent choice for absorb spills off small water bodies. These Pillows are also a smart choice to keep use in industrial premises to keep under various machines to soak the spills and keep your surface clean.

These Oil only Pillows are ideal in situations with larger surface area and Absorbs and retains oil based liquids.

Absorbent Pillows

Oil Absorbent Pillows
  • Item Code : PSP3030O
  • Description : Oil Only Pillows
  • Absorbency : 130 Litres.
Absorbent Pillows
absorbent pillows
  • Item Code : PSP4050O
  • Description : 105L Oil only Pillows.
  • Absorbency : 115 Litres.
Absorbent Pillows
Oil Only Pillows
  • Item Code : PSP2338O
  • Description : Oil Only Pillows.
  • Absorbency : 85 Litres.

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