Chemical Absorbent Socks

Pollsorb Chemical Absorbent socks or snakes is the perfect choice of product. Chemical absorbent socks are used to contain and absorb acids, bases and hazardous chemicals or unknown liquid spills.

The combination of a knitted outer layer and polyproplyene filling, these hazmat absorbent socks have a very high retention of liquids. These socks are easy to fold and put around machinery or structures. Outer skin helps prevent dust exposure and tearing.

As per industry grades, yellow socks are chemical that absorb and retains chemical based liquids. These chemical socks are ideal to use for on land, indoor purpose. These Chemical / Hazmat Booms Socks are multiple sizes and dimensions available. For more information about Chemical Socks, please give us a call at (+91) 9833845693.

Absorbent Socks

Chemical absorbent Socks
  • Item Code: PSS75300C
  • Description: 7.5 cm x 3m, Chemical Only Absorbent Socks.
  • Box Contain: 8 socks/box.
  • Absorbency: 112 - 126 Litres

Chemical Socks

Hazmat Chemical Absorbent Sock
  • Item Code: PSS75120C
  • Description: Chemical Only Absorbent Socks, 7.5 cm x 1.2m.
  • Box Contain: 20 socks/box
  • Absorbency: 112 - 126 Litres / bale
Chemical Socks
Chemical Spill Socks
  • Item Code: PSS8300C
  • Description: Chemical Only Absorbent Socks, 8cm x 3m.
  • Box Contain: 8 socks/box
  • Absorbency: 128 - 144 Litres
Chemical Socks
Chemical Socks
  • Item Code: PSS8120C
  • Description: Chemical Absorbent Socks, 8 cm x 1.2 m.
  • Box Contain: 20 socks/box.
  • Absorbency: 128 - 144 Litres
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