Flexible Utility Trays

We manufacture a complete line of Utility Trays to cover all the applications. All models can be easily cleaned and will last for years. These trays are flexible in nature, hence can be rolled up when not in use. It is made of PVC and compatible with most fluids.

Our Utility tray is smaller versions of spill tray and flexible spill containment solution. If your workstations involve use smaller fluid container, then these trays are ideal for you. Additionally, they can also be folded to a compact size when not using them. These utility spill trays used for bunding small containers and drums.

Uses of utility tray: These are too many uses for these trays. You can use them to catch drips form machinery, or transport vehicles, or transferring liquid from one container to another all you have to do is insert the utility tray under the risky part so if they leak they do not run all over. Utility tray is also used to keep spills and drip off your floors. You can also store them in a tool box or spill kit.

Utility Tray
Utility Spill Tray


  • Heavy duty PVC.
  • Easy to store.
  • Will not corrode or rust.
  • One-piece unit. No Components.
  • Folds for easy transport.
  • Clean with soap and water.
  • Colours: Yellow, Black or Orange.
  • Flexible PVC model for easy store.

Technical Specifications

Part No Description Size Sump Capacity (L) Color
PFUT12125 Utility Tray 12 ' * 12 ' * 5 " 6 Yellow, Orange, Black
PFUT18185 Utility Tray 18 ' * 18 ' * 5 " 19 Yellow, Orange, Black
PFUT24245 Utility Tray 24 ' * 24 ' * 5 " 25 Yellow, Orange, Black
PFUT32325 Utility Tray 32 ' * 32 ' * 5 " 34 Yellow, Orange, Black
PFUT48484.75 Utility Tray 48 ' * 48 ' * 4.75 " 76 Yellow, Orange, Black

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