Neutralizers & PPE

Apart from the necessary Spill Absorbents and Neutralizers, we also provide a range of Neutralizers and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). While spill absorbents work in a targeted manner, these tools are also equally necessary.

The neutralizers help nullify the effect of the spilled substances. From general neutralizers to chemical specific neutralizers, we provide a range of products that can prove to be very useful for your workstation.

We also provide different types of PPE. According to your workstation type, we supply different types of PPE. This type of equipment ensures that the employees of your workstation are safeguarded completely during such incidents.

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At Enviroguard Solutions, we provide different types of PollSorb Neutralizers that cater to the needs of different types of industry. Based on the type of spillages that you are prone to, you can find suitable neutralizers. We provide general neutralizers that target acids and bases, neutralizers meant for solvents and neutralizers for substances like mercury etc.

Neutralizer for acids, chemical, mercury

Personal Protective Equipment ( PPE )

The range of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) that would protect your workers from hazardous health. As per all safety regulations, it is an absolute necessity for each person to wear protective equipment while responding to spills. PPE contains included in the spill kit. PPE can include items such as safety boots, safety glasses, skin protection, safety helmet, hand, eye, body and foot protection etc.

Safety Equipment from Enviroguard
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