L Bracket Containment Berms

Economy Bracket Spill Containment Berms have the most advanced and versatile design within our containment berm wide range of aluminum. The Aluminium Bracket Walls can be utilized in different ways based on your requirements. Bracket spill containment berm is a portable and flexible containment solution that is used to prevent spills and leaks.

Aluminum Bracket Oil Containment Berm are cost effective solution for oil spill clean up. These types of Economy Bracket Berms are used for continuous use in places where there is frequent automotive traffic.

Economy L-Bracket Berms are a secondary containment system for Drums, IBC bunds, fuel tank and other storage devices can be kept in the berm for a long time without any worry. L Bracket Containment Berms are designed to create a secondary barrier that can contain leaks, spills, or other hazardous materials within a designated area.

Bracket Berm
Containment Berm Bracket

Bracket Berm Features

  • L-Shaped aluminum brackets.
  • Cost effective and secure spill containemnt.
  • Fast assembly.
  • Walls stay erect even during windy weather.
  • Multiple sizes to choose form.
  • Custom sizes available.
  • Meets SPCC and EPA container storage regulation.

Technical Specifications

Part No Description Size Sump Capacity (L) Color
PFEB44 Economy Bracket Berm 4' * 4' * 4" 145 Yellow, Orange
PFEB468 Economy Bracket Berm 4' * 6' * 8" 445 Yellow, Orange
PFEB41012 Economy Bracket Berm 4' * 10' * 12" 1130 Yellow, Orange
PFEB664 Economy Bracket Berm 6' * 6' * 4" 335 Yellow, Orange
PFEB684 Economy Bracket Berm 6' * 8' * 4" 445 Yellow, Orange
PFEB6104 Economy Bracket Berm 6' * 6' * 4" 340 Yellow, Orange
PFEB682 Economy Bracket Berm 6' * 10' * 4" 560 Yellow, Orange
PFEB6128 Economy Bracket Berm 8' * 8' * 12" 1813 Yellow, Orange
PFEB8812 Economy Bracket Berm 6' * 12' * 8" 1340 Yellow, Orange
PFEB10148 Economy Bracket Berm 10' * 14' * 8" 2615 Yellow, Orange

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