Drum Work Floors

A wide range of Drum Work Floors, spill pallets, wheeled bins and other products to contain spills or prevent them from reaching the environment and causing damage. Modular Ramp contain spills for the loading and unloading of storage drums.

The Work Floor for the safe storage of oils and chemicals. Suitable for 1 Drum, 2 Drums and 4 Drum Work Floors available. If you need more information about Drum work floor, please give us a call at (+91) 2249716204.

1 Drum Work Floor
  • Item Code : PS2WF
  • Description : 1 Drum Work Floor.
  • Sump Capacity : 20 Litres
4 Drum Work Floors
  • Item Code : PS4DF
  • Description : 4 Drum Work Floor.
  • Sump Capacity : 30 Litres
Drum Modular Ramp
  • Item Code : PSWFR
  • Description : Drum Modular Ramp.
  • Sump Capacity : 60 Litres

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