Inflatable Rescue Bridge

Enviroguard’s Rescue Bridge is an inflatable bridge that can be used for emergency and disaster management applications. This Bridge can be used on any water body, ice or wetland with an uneven platform. The bridge is meant to provide a safe platform for the rescue of people and movement of goods in cases of emergencies.

Inflatable Rescue Bridge is a robust, lightweight and easily portable bridge that can be used over multiple rescue operations. If you are interested in our Rescue Bridge, please feel free to call us at (+91) 98338-45693.

Inflatable Bridge

Dimensions 6M Unit
Length: 6m (20ft)
Width: 1.5m
Internal Width: 1m
Chamber Diameter: 230mm
Packed Weight: Approx 30 kg
Load Capacity: 12 people
Operating Pressure: 2 Psi
Inflation Time: 25 seconds
Accessories: Ground Mat, Cylinder
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