Steps to Choosing a Spill Kit

For workplace spills, as with any type of workplace incident. The best solution is to avoid it in the first place. But despite measures to eliminate spills, they do happen. At times like these, the importance of a spill kit cannot be stressed enough.

Spill Kit in basic terms is a kit with a combination of Absorbents, PPE safety items that together help to combat the spills. Here are a few questions you can ask while few steps to choosing or guides to the best spill kit for your organisation:

What Liquids Will You Be Absorbing?

Spill Kits are available in three varieties: Using the wrong spill kit for wrong applications might turn out to be a costly affair.

Oils & Fuels Spill Kit

Oils, Hydrocarbons and Fuels Based Spill Kits.

oil and fuel spill kits and equipment

Chemical / Hazmat Spill Kit

Aggressive, Hazardous and Unknown Chemicals

hazmat absorbent spill kit

Universal / Maintenance Spill Kit

Coolants, Oils, Waters, Solvents and Non-aggressive chemicals.

Maintenance Spill Kit

What is Capacity of The Liquid You Will Be Absorbing?

Choose a spill kit that enables you to absorb the maximum likely spill, not the total amount of liquid you have. Spill kit absorbency rates quoted by manufacturers are often based on maximum absorbency of very viscous liquids. Allow for this in your calculations - its possible that you may need to halve the capacity of a spill kit given if you are absorbing a less viscous liquid like diesel.

In case of larger spills, it is to be kept in mind that spill kits will not always absorb all of the spilled fluids. They are used in combination with other containment items like dikes, Berms or Drain Cover which contain the spill and then the fluid is easily recovered with a mechanical device.

Custom Sizes:

For any custom requirement, please Email Us.

What Kind of Container Will Be Suitable For You?

Some choose to have spill kits kept near the hazardous areas, some keep it nearby from where it can be carried to the hazardous area. Based on the capacity of the volume you choose to absorb; spill kit containers also vary.

For small to medium spills:

Clip top bags, vinyl bags, Totes, etc are all suitable.

For medium to large spills:

Drums, Dash Bins are suitable.

For large spills:

Waste, Dash and Grit Bins.

Does Your Spill Kit Need PPE?

The process of spill containment requires responders who contain and absorb the spill with the use of the items in the kit. As per all safety regulations, it is a must for every person to wear protective equipment while responding to spills.

Based on the type and capacity of spills you are catering to, PPE is included in spill kits. PPE range includes hand, eye, body and foot protection products.

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