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The recent increase in safety regulations and environmental impact assessment in India has impacted on businesses spread across various industries. Responsibility for prevention and containment of any spill hazard lies in the hands of the organization itself.

While Spill Control and Containment are yet in its nascent stages of awareness in our country. The hazard itself is considered to be a very big one. Choosing to ignore a spill hazard could lead to disastrous events. It could lead to loss of materials, increase population and cause fires.

Spills of one form or the other are almost unavoidable in some industrial facilities. Enviroguard is a leading supplier of spillage control and prevention equipment with a vast experience in this field for 7 years. We pride our selves on the quality and reliability of the products and services we offer. We are committed to helping our existing clients and potential clients with identifying their needs and requirements in finding solutions to their spillage-based problems.

A site survey is needed to asses your company’s preparedness to deal with a spill. Assessments are generally performed because:

  • Identify the areas with a spillage risk.
  • Identify potential routes of escape if a spill occurs keeping in line with pollution norms.
  • Review the handling and storing of various liquids on site.
  • Audit the current spillage products and equipment, if any.
  • Identify any shortcomings with statutory legislations.
  • Asses if any training for manpower are required.

A site assessment basically provides you a basis for a Environmental Management spill contingency plan which can be used for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHA and EMS compliances.

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