Combustible Storage Cabinets

Combustible Storage Cabinets are used for Class III combustible liquids and hazardous materials. Combustible Cabinets are designed to meet NFPA and OSHA Standards. We also provide a range of combustible cabinets which are ideal for storing various class III combustibles.

Combustible Safety Cabinets are used to storage of fluids like paints, inks or some other combustibles, you can store them securely in these combustible cabinet. We provide these cabinets in a variety of sizes as well to help you provide something according to your requirements.

Difference between combustible and flammable?

The main difference between the Flammable Liquids burn easily at normal working temperatures, while combustible liquids need higher than normal temperatures to ignite.

Combustible Storage Cabinet
Combustible cabinet

Combustible Cabinet

  • Come in storage capacity of 4 gal to 110 Gal.
  • All our cabinets are CE Certified.
  • Single and double doors available.
  • Custom sizes available.
  • Colors - Grey and Blue.

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